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Cutting Electronic Circuit Board Foot Blades


Cutting Electronic Circuit Board  Foot Blades

Konetool provides automatic cutting angle machine for circuit board, cutting circuit board redundant pins. Blade edge of my company sharp, good wear resistance, long service life, is a PCB board, circuit board, plastic board, PVC plate, such as special cutting blades. The use of high-precision grinding edge grinder, high precision, smooth finish high to achieve specular effect (ra≥0.012) edge sharp, no broken edge, no roll edge phenomenon of the advantages. The cross-section of the cut pins is flat, smooth, without burrs and inverted foot phenomenon. High hardness, sharp edge, good wear resistance, one time machine cutting work cycle is long, is the market general cutting machine blade life of more than 1.5 times times. Acid and alkali resistance corrosion, anti-oxidation, not rust characteristics.



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