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Hanni Cigarette Filter Cutting Blades

Description: HANNI Cigarette Filter Cutting Blades
Inner Diameter: 15mm
Outer Diameter: 100mm
Thickness: 0.35mm
Fits Model(s): Hanni
Material: Tungsten Carbide Powder + Cobalt Powder


Hanni  Cigarette Filter Cutting Blades

We are focus on the production of cigarette filter cutting blades, we acceptable for customer's design.        
only use the best quality tungsten carbide, superb modern manufacturing technology has been through continuous improvement of the system to ensure that the tool consistently achieves the highest standards, impeccable accuracy and produces perfect cutting.          

Ultra-mirror (maximum surface roughness of .025μm) to prevent the film from accumulating on the blade cleaner, more accurate cutting. The most important thing is to ensure that tobacco is cleaner to produce and comply with FDA regulations.        

Stable and reliable performance, reduce downtime and long service life.

 Suitable machine: Hanni, Garbuio, Dickinson Legg, Molins, GD, Sasib Spa, Skandia Simotion, Fresh Choice, Tobacco Sorter3, Decoufle, ITM

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