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Instruction of knives in corrugated industry

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Compared to HSS, carbide has many advantages. Especially good wear resistance that make widely used in corrugated industry. If we can right to use, it can get good slitting quality and longer life.

As we known, carbide corrugated slitting knife has a disadvantage is  brittle. If incorrect use, the knife will easy to broken.

1, The knife cant use on the low precision machine, you would better to use HSS knife on this type machine.

2, Try not to touch with other hard tool, stored on the shelf or workbench.

3, Before to install the knife on the holder, we need to make sure several things:

A, holder is clean and good. Set all kinds of distance is ok.

B, Thin blade must be lubricating slots.

C, To slit the corrugated cardboard, thin blade must be through the supporting roller groove surface 5-10 mm.

4,In the form of diagonal to install the knife, uniform strength to set screw.

5,To rotate the knife sure everything is ok before the machine start.


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You need also to choose the suitable grinding wheel to increase the life. It usually use diamond grinding wheel with fine grain. The grinding time is depend on actual working statue, according to the slitting result. Not to grinding the knife often, it can reduce the life.

Finally, don’t to pull the cardboard when the knife is working. And please wear gloves to touch the knife, it can make you safe and good to install the knife.

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