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Optic Fiber Cleaver Blade


Optic Fiber Cleaver Blade

Optical round cutter with imported ultra-fine grain tungsten steel and imported equipment grinding, with high hardness, sharp blade, long life, smooth and scratch-free, burr and so on.

Use Details:

 1. every knife cutting more than 40,000 times.

 2.a positioning hole fiber knife corresponding to each positioning hole cutting times ≥ 2500 times, equivalent to each blade cutting life of 30,000 times or more.

    March Machine


     Product Specifications: 

1, φ4 × φ22 × 2mm double-edged 16 φ0.8 positioning holes

2. φ3 × φ22 × 2mm double-edged 12 φ0.8 positioning holes 

3.φ4 × φ20 × 3mm double-edged 4, φ3 × φ20 × 2mm double-edged.

Product instructions: 

In order to ensure the best effect of fiber cutting section, the blade after a period of time or replace the cutting edge position, please dare you to put the blade in the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean once in order to ensure the blade surface cleanliness and cutting section Mirror effect.


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