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Square Carbide Insert Cutter

Material: TC
Size: 1414/1515
MOQ: 10pcs


Square Carbide Insert Cutter

Products Description

The solid carbide square cutter was sharpened on a diamond wheel and can be rotated to give you a fresh edge in a seconds  . Use it with the Square Carbide Turning Tool for flat or convex areas on spindles and pen turnings.


-Ideal for giving you a smooth finish on straight rough pieces  as big or small  turning projects
-Cutter rotates give you four fresh edges for maximum life
-Sharpened on a diamond wheel to make it longer tool life

Carbide Insert Knives Property

GradeISO CodeGrain SizeCoHardnessT.R.S.Application
KT30UK200.8 um10%92.0 HRA3800Wood

 Products Specification

LWTαCutting Edge
10.510.51.530°4 edge
10.510.51.535°4 edge
11112.030°4 edge
14142.030°4 edge
15152.530°4 edge

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