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Tungsten Carbide Molding Knife

Material: TC,HSS
Size: Custom-made
MOQ: 10pcs


 Tungsten Carbide Molding Knife

We manufacture the tungsten carbide molding knives, because of the carbide material the lifetime is over 10 times than HSS , D2, M2, the molding knives are fit for below cutters and machines
• Corrugated heads used on shapers, moulders, tenoners,  and other machinery
• Williams & Hussey and Shop Fox molders
• Powermatic, Jet, Grizzly, Woodmaster and other planer/molder machines
• Lock-Edge shaper collars
• Rosette heads
We use top of the line precision grinding equipment to manufacture , have a large capacity for quick turnaround without sacrificing quality. Make test cuts in house to ensure a tight and accurate fit for any of our profile knives that will mate together, like cope and stick profiles for doors and windows.
Choose the best grade for your molding knife!

Grade ISO Code Grain Size Co Hardness T.R.S.
KT10U K05-K10 0.6 um 6% 93.2 HRA 3000
KT30U K20 0.8 um 10% 92.0 HRA 3800
KT6X K10 1.0 um 6% 91.5 HRA 3000

We can aslo supply the carbide molding knife blanks, if you have finishing equipment, it is better to buy carbide blanks from us! The price will be very competitive!
carbide blanks


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