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Woodworking V-Point Through Hole Drill Bits

Material: Cabide, TCT
Size: Custom-made
MOQ: 50pcs


Woodworking V-Point Through Hole Drill Bits

Portable boring machines
Automatic boring machines
CNC machining centers
For chip free drilling of dowel holes in solid wood and wood-based panels
Suitable for cutting  MDF, HDF, Wood, Laminates, Chipboards, particle, Acrylic, plexiglass, plastic
2 negative spurs
Centering point
Cylindrical shank with clamping surface
Spiral with back guide 
TCT- tipped
Plastic coated

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through hole drill bits


Woodworking V-Point Through Hole Drill Bits Specification

57mm-Long, 10x27mm Shank

Part No. Dia B S
KTV-3571027 3mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-4571027 4mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-5571027 5mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-6571027 6mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-7571027 7mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-8571027 8mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-9571027 9mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-10571027 10mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-11571027 11mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-12571027 12mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-13571027 13mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-14571027 14mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-15571027 15mm 27mm 10x27mm
KTV-16571027 16mm 27mm 10x27mm


70mm-Long, 10x20mm Shank

Part No. Dia B S
KTV-3571020 3mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-4571020 4mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-5571020 5mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-6571020 6mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-7571020 7mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-8571020 8mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-9571020 9mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-10571020 10mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-11571020 11mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-12571020 12mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-13571020 13mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-14571020 14mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-15571020 15mm 35mm 10x20mm
KTV-16571020 16mm 35mm 10x20mm

Q1 What's the MOQ?
10pcs per each size.
Q2 How about the lead time?
There are usual stock of drill bits, so the lead time usually can be 5 working days if the one size quantity is less then 1000pcs.
Q3 How are the production capacity?
Our capacity is 150,000-200,000pcs per month.
Q4 How do you control the quality?
We strictly follow system of management system ISO 9001.
100% virgin raw material, from the raw material to finished products, there must be through 14 production and inspection processes.


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