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Carbide Single Tongue & Groove Lock Mitre Insert for Cutterhead

Size: Fit Cutter Head
Material :100% Tungsten Carbide


     Carbide Single Tongue & Groove Lock Mitre Insert for Cutterhead

Product Description

Produce lock miters for easy alignment of corners with plenty of glue surface. We chose different grades for wood with glue. We often supply matching blades for famous woodworking tool manufacturers. Feel free to come to us as long as you have some drawings.
-Single Insert for Byrd Flooring Cutter
-Carbide CNC ground insert from Byrd
-Produces tongue in wood face up on left molder head spinning CW
-Or face down on right molder head or shaper 

Product Property

Grade          ISO Code         Grain Size           Co               Hardness         T.R.S.         Application               
KT08 K05 0.5 um 4% 94.5 HRA 2800 HDF/MDF
KT10U K05-K10 0.6 um 6% 93.2 HRA 3000 Solid Wood/MDF
KT30U K20 0.8 um 10% 92.0 HRA 3800 Wood
KT6X K10 1.0 um 6% 91.5 HRA 3000 Wood


Q1 What's the MOQ?
10pcs per each size.
Q2 How about the lead time?
There are usual stock of inserts, so the lead time usually can be 2 working days if the one size quantity is less then 3000pcs.
Q3 How are the production capacity?
Our capacity is 150,000-200,000pcs per month.
Q4 How do you control the quality?
We strictly follow system of management system ISO 9001.
100% virgin raw material, from the raw material to finished insert, there must be through 14 production and inspection processes.
Q5 About Surface and cutting edge situation of blade?
All of our blade are Mirror surface, and smooth cutting edge without any gap under100 times microscope, which can keep longer service life

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