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Diamond Shape Carbide Insert Cutter for Wood Turning Blade VEMN160200

1. Application for solid wood.
2. Common specification: VEMN160200, VEMN160204, VEMN160208, VEMN160200-08
3. VEMN160200 -Woodtunring insert Diamond shape 35°

  • VEMN160200
  • KTVEMN160200

Diamond Shape Carbide Insert Cutter for Wood Turning Blade VEMN160200


Products Description

    The diamond shape carbide insert cutter which installled on Easy Detailer has been designed for the primary purpose of doing the small intricatework and cutting final details on your projects such as small coves and beads on both spindle and bowl work. They are also very handy for cutting chuck tenons and making inside reverse angle cuts for inside chucking bowls with dovetail jaws. You may find they work well for hogging your green wood projects too. As with all Easy Wood Tools, when the cutter eventually dulls, just loosen the retaining screw and rotate cutter, then re-tighten the screw. Replace tip when necessary.



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Carbide Insert Knives Property

Grade ISO Code Grain Size Co Hardness T.R.S. Application
KT30U K20 0.8 um 10% 92.0 HRA 3800 Wood

Carbide Insert Knives Specification | Woodturning Diamond Shape


L(mm) W(mm) T(mm) α EWT Size
38 12 2.5 30
28 10 2.5 30 Ci4
22 13.5 2.5 30


Shape Purchasing No Specification   Cutting Bevel EWT Size
Diamond Shape KTVEMN160200 VEMN160200
Woodtunring insert  Diamond shape 35° 
35° Bevel Ci4
Diamond Shape KTVEMN160204 VEMN160204
Woodtunring insert  Diamond shape 35° 
35° Bevel Ci4
Diamond Shape KTVEMN160208 VEMN160208
Woodtunring insert  Diamond shape 35° 
35° Bevel Ci4
Diamond Shape KTVEMN160200-08 VEMN160200-08
Woodtunring insert  Diamond shape 35° 
35° Bevel Ci4
Diamond Shape KTV352.5-30° V-35°x2.5mm-30°
Woodtunring insert  Diamond shape 35° 
30° Bevel Ci4


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