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  • The Best Tools for Eliminate the Old

    We have prepared the best tools for scraping the paint, cement, varnish and wood chips, it is tungsten carbide scraper handle matching replacement carbide blade.
    The handle is made of durable iron, blade is combine with tungsten carbide and other rare metal particulate. Special and Customized Blades are available. All of those are environmental friendly materials with energy saving and high efficiency.

  • The Principle Of Chip Cutting For Lithium Battery

    As shown in the picture, this is a pair of ordinary disc cutter on the plate slitting processing diagram. First of all, when the plate and the upper and lower blade of the AB point contact, the sheet will be under the pressure of the upper and lower knife surface to produce elastic deformation, and

  • Indian Customer Visiting Our Factory

    On December 2017, Indian customer to visit our office and factory, we discussed with him about future cooperation of Carbide Slitting Knives.

  • Grade Of Tungsten Carbide

    1. ISO international standardsAccording to the different scope of applications, the Tungsten Carbide is divided into three classes: P , K, M. With the continuous development of the TC industry, the naming conventions vary from country to country, even though the different manufacturers.

  • Tungsten Carbide

    Tungsten Carbide is a super hard artificial metal. It is made by the powder metallurgy process of hard compound powders of refractory metals (mainly WC and W) and of binder metals ( Cobalt and Nickel) and small amounts of microelement (Tac, Tic).Tungsten Carbide with a high hardness, wonderful wear

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