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Recycling Shredder Knives For Lindner Shredderblocks

Description:Recycling Shredder Knives For Lindner Shredderblocks
Diameter: 65x65x28mm
Fits Model(s): Lindner Shredderblocks
Material: Tungsten Carbide With Steel


Shredder knives for shredding and volume reduction of municipal and industrial waste, tyres, plastic, paper, cables, aluminium, copper, pulp, biomass, rubber, wood, pallets, medical waste, oil filters, textiles, batteries. Fits  for recycling industry. 

High Standard of Quality


Our submicron-grain carbide Circular Knives is last 10~20 times longer than the best HSS knife.

Super mirror finish (maximum surface roughness of .025μm) to prevent glue and corrugated paper sticks on the blade, cutting more clean and accurate, smooth cutting surface without burrs, no processing traces.


Reliable Performance


Our circular knives with excellent wear resistance, stable use of performance,reduced machine downtime, cost-effective.

To ensure a razor-sharp cutting edge, we recommend pairing Tungsten-Carbide slitting blades with Diamond grinding wheels.


High Standard Of Service


Each of our circular knives is maintained through continuous in-process inspection, and to ensure that each piece meets the industry's highest standards。



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