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Solide Carbide Profiling Knives TKP10983

Material: Solid carbide
Size: TK-P10983


Solide Carbide Profiling Knives TK-P10983

Products Description
Solid carbide profiling knives are use for profile moulder heads, also suit to process solid wood, MDF/HDF and soft wood etc.


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profile moulder heads

Items Details
TK-P10879 1/8" Deep Plow (1-1/4" Deep)
TK-P10887 1/4" Deep Plow (1-1/4" Deep)
TK-P10945 Single Plow Back Out (1" Wide x 3/32" Deep)
TK-P10946 1/2"Max Depth (1-1/4" x 1-1/4")
TK-P10947 Double Back Out (1-1/16" Wide x 3/32" Deep)
TK-P10952 45 Degree Doulbe Bevel
TK-P10975 3/16" Radius
TK-P10980 1/16" Radius
TK-P10983 3mm Radius (1/8")
TK-P10992 6mm Radius (0.236")
TK-P10997 2mm Radius (0.0787")
TK-P10998 Bead (3/8" Wide Overall x 3/16" Wide Bead)
KT-P10999 3/8" Wide, 108" splitter

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