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135° Drill End Fiber Glass Routers


135° Drill End Fiber Glass Routers


FIBER GLASS ROUTERS 135°Drill Endhas reciprocating diamond groove, hard geometry, negative front angle and wide groove. It is the vintage tool for processing all kinds of braiding, resin bonding, glass fiber and composite materials. It combines excellent performance of diamond cutting geometry with minimum top edge burr penetration ability. A carbide 135°drill point will minimize partial deflection on thin or unsupported workpieces.


Product Advantage

Very ultra-fine diamond tungsten steel, with extremely high wear resistance and ideal impact resistance.
Suitable for medium and high-speed medium cutting to finishing of various materials of HRC28°~48°, ideal machining tool for quenched and tempered materials, good versatility;
Compared with general tungsten steel, it has a service life of more than 2 to 3 times.
High temperature processing and comprehensive performance are excellent, allowing extremely high cutting speed (generally above 120M linear speed), lower feed rate requirements, andhigher hardness of processed material, more significant effect.

Why choose KoneTool fiberglass routers

KoneTool has an advanced and comprehensive production system with various precision technology production and processing capabilities to achieve high-efficiency and low-cost applications.
KoneTool has a complete quality control department, and standard-related products must pass the inspection and review of the size and material of the inspection room before they enter the warehouse, and only after they have passed can they be qualified for shipment.

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