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Tungsten Carbide Replacement Rectangle Scraper Blade

1. Double edged knives to reduce the frequency of replacing blades with longest working life.
2. Easy to operate and easy to use.
3. Carbide scraper blade is main made from carbide tungsten, Co and TaC grain. Environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, recyclable.
4. It is resistance high temperature, durable, corrosion resistant and high strength, superior to traditional HSS.
  • 50 X 12 X 1.5 mm-35°
  • KT501215-SCP

Tungsten Carbide Replacement Rectangle Scraper Blade

Product Description :

The scrapers are for use on all kinds of surfaces for removal of paint, glue, varnish, rust gaskets, chalk, grout and mortar. The heavy duty scraper head is designed for wide material removal when extra strength is required.

Specifications :

Size #1: 50mm x 12mm x 1.5mm - 35°

Item # : KT501215-SCP

Size #2: 60mm x 12mm x 1.5mm - 35°

Item # : KT601215-SCP

Numbers of Cutting Edge: 2 Cutting edges.

Rectangle Carbide Scraper Diagrams :

Rectangle Scraper Blade1

Rectangle Scraper Blade2

Rectangle Scraper Blade3

Why Choosing Us ?

1.Thousands of cemented carbide products for choose

2.Advanced ERP system to track your orders

3.Self-Run Logistics for big customers

4.Impeccable Supply Chain of Raw Material;

5.Advanced Quality Test and Control System;

6.Various shapes of inserts and all levels quality inserts.

7.Sharpened cutting edge

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9.Low mantain cost

10.Fast and safe delivery

11.Quick response and satisfied solution on before sale & after sale service

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