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3 Feet Rubber Snow Plow Blade

Tungsten Carbide Snowplow insert
The TC grade (KT10C) we choose for this snowplow application is more easy to be braze on the steel, and also reduce the braze crack under the cold condition.
Cobalt blinder :10% CO.
Grain size : coarse grain.
Hardness Range: 88.5-88.9.
Transverse rupture strength:420000-450000PSI.
The Carbide insert is more wear resistance and reduce the braze crack.

3 Feet Rubber Snowplow Blade


This rubber snowplow blade is a unique design incorporating tungsten carbide inserts brazed into specially profiled steel segments which are then encased in rubber. The result is dramatically superior life when compared to existing carbide-insert blades. Numerous other benefits are sure to increase the availability of your plow and reduce costs related to winter highway maintenance.


Item No.





3 foot snow plow

36” x 6” x 7/8” 
(914mm x 152mm x 23mm)

13.1 kg


Good abrasion resistance

Long life more than other material

Strong cleaning ability

Low noise, environmental protection

3 Feet Rubber Snowplow Blade

3 Feet Snowplow Blade

3 Feet Rubber Blade


    1. How long about the production time?

    A: This is standard size, we have stock, different customer have different requirement for carbide inserts, so we‘re going to spend a little bit of time on welding, but anyway, 30 days on delivery.

    2. How about your quality?

    A: The product will be delivered after the test, and the test report can also be provided. If problems are found in the product within a certain period, we will help to solve them.

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