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Carbide Saw Blade Milling Cutter


Carbide saw blade milling cutter

Carbide saw blade milling cutter: The saw blade milling cutter is produced from cemented carbide material (also known as tungsten steel), which is mainly used for processing alloy steel, stainless steel, high strength steel, quenched and tempered steel, titanium alloy, non-ferrous metal, etc. Molding of metal or non-metal materials.

carbide saw blade milling cutter


Compared with high-speed steel saw blades, long service life is its main feature, and products are widely used in machinery, light industry, hardware and other industries. The cutting edge of the cutter is flat, the finish is good, and the work efficiency of anti-wear is high. After use, the blade cutter can be re-sharpened and used again to extend its life.

carbide circular saw blade milling cutter

Production specifications(Unit: MM):

Saw blade diameter: 8-350MM

Saw blade thickness: 0.10-10MM

Saw blade inner hole: more than 2MM


All kinds of metal materials or non-metal materials sawing, cutting, cutting, etc.;

Milling, grooving, slotting, etc. of various metal materials or non-metal workpieces;

It can also be used for the processing of plastics, rubber, PVC, paper, cloth and other fabrics.

carbide circular saw blade milling cutter

The solid carbide saw blade milling cutter has many advantages, but because the carbide itself is less tough than high-speed steel, it is easy to chip when the cutting process is not selected properly or the accuracy of the machine tool is poor. How to use strengths and avoid weaknesses to make full use of its advantages? Here is a question of how to use it correctly.

The thinner the overall carbide saw blade cutter is, the more sensitive it is to vibration and tensile stress during use. If there is a large radial run out or axial run out, it is easy to cause damage, so the milling machine should be operated in the best state, that is, machine tool accuracy High, good rigidity of cutter bar, stable transmission, constant feed per tooth, and sufficient cooling.

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