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4 Feet Rubber Snowplow Blade

Tungsten Carbide Snowplow insert
The TC grade (KT10C) we choose for this snowplow application is more easy to braze on the steel, and also reduce the braze.
Crack under the cold condition.
Cobalt blinder :10% CO.
Grain size : coarse grain.
Hardness Range: 88.5-88.9.
Transverse rupture strength:420000-450000PSI.
The Carbide insert is more wear resistance and reduce the braze crack.

4 Feet Rubber Snowplow Blade


The snow plow blades are made primarily of rubber and tungsten carbide blades, which are brazed to specially shaped steel sheets that are then wrapped in rubber. Compared with other existing HSS materials and plastic snow plow blades, the service life of cemented carbide snow plow blades is significantly higher. It also improves availability and reduces costs associated with winter highway maintenance.


Item No.





4 foot snow plow

48” x 6” x 7/8” 
(1219mm x 152mm x 23mm)

17.5 kg


Easy and safe to install

Super abrasion resistance

It has a longer life than other materials

Can be close to the ground to achieve one-time cleaning

Reduce the damage to the road surface, reduce the maintenance of multiple road costs

4 Feet Rubber Snowplow Blade

4 Feet Rubber Blade

   4 Feet Rubber Snowplow


1. Are you manufacturer?

A: Yes, we can meet customers‘ problems and help them solve them well, because we are the manufacturer and no one knows the products better than us.

2. Can I pay a partial deposit first?

A: We must get 100% full payment before production. If future cooperation is better, we can discuss this issue again.

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