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5 Pieces Carbide Rotary Burr Sets

Brand: Kone Carbide
Model:5 Pieces set
Material:Tungsten carbide
Application:Shaping and grinding

5 Pieces Carbide Rotary Burr Sets


Carbide burr sets 5 pieces includes different kinds of carbide burrs, each of them can process different places and bring different effect. Carbide rotary burr is an indispensable tool for fitter's mechanization. It has a wide range of uses. It has more significant effects in aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery, chemical and other industrial sectors. It can be used to process cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, copper and aluminum.

carbide burr set 5 pieces

Tungsten Carbide burr set, made of Tungsten Carbide, with hardness 92 HRS, sharp and durable standard Alum Cutting Head, 1/4 Inch Handle, 3/8 Inch Blade Diameter, 3/4 Inch Blade Length, Various With a total length of 4.4 inches including NF geometry, it quickly removes chips with minimal chip load and prevents buildup and overheating of iron chips that can damage tool tips.

Expansion handle makes working in remote corners easier than usual and is equipped with a nice package for safe storage and transportation.

Suitable for grinding and engraving aluminium, non-ferrous metal, non-metallic materials (wood, plastic, etc.), suitable for electric, pneumatic and hydraulic mold grinders.


 Sizes and specifications

Shape: SA-3NF, SC-3NF, SD-3NF, SF-3NF, SL-3NF

SA-cylindrical shape, SC-cylindrical shape with radius end, SD-Ball shape, SF-Round Nose Tree, SL-Tapered Cone With Radius End

Packed Quantity: 5 Pieces

Cutter Head Material: Tungsten carbide

Flute length: 3/4 inch

Cutter Head diameter: 3/8 inch

Shank Diameter: 1/4 inch

Total length: 4.4 inch

Equipment: Die grinder

Suggest RPM: 14000-36000

Max RPM50000


5 pieces carbide burr set

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