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60mm Tungsten Carbide Rectangular Scraper Blade


60mm Tungsten Carbide Rectangular Scraper Blade

Products Description:

The tungsten carbide scrapers produced by our company are well-received by customers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Because of the blessing of all cemented carbide, our rectangular scraper blade is more durable and sharper than ordinary scraper blades. This blade will keep its edge up to 50 times which is much longer than standard scraper blades.

The 60mm long scraper blade has a wider scraping area, not to mention the service life, it will definitely be longer than the 50 mm long scraper blade. Therefore, when choosing, we can choose whether to buy a 50mm long scraper blade or a 60mm long scraper blade according to different scraping requirements.

With specially ground 35 deg, this blade is very sharp and edges will reduce the risk of scratching surfaces.

Product Application:

Linbide,stanley,warner equivalent General purpose scarper 50mm or 60mm

rectangular scraper blade

Product Specification:

Dimension:60mm* 12mm*1.5mm(2.38;*0.47;*0.06;)

Scraping angle: 35 degree

Cutting Edges: 2-Cutting edges(reversible)

Material: Solid tungsten carbide

Product Features:

1.Double edged blades to reduce the frequency of replacing blades with longest edge life

2.Industry standard blades fits Linbide,stanley,warner equivalent General purpose scarper 50mm

3.Easy to replace your scraper and great help for cleaning and home project.

4.Blades are diamond-ground to produce an edge sharper than steel, scrape faster and cleaner than steel blade

5.Made of solid carbide, extremely hard and durable,hold it's edge up to 50 times longer than standard blades,Pack of 10

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