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Adjustable Scoring Saw Blade Set


Konetool carbide-tipped adjustable scoring saw blade set is used for cutting coated panels, such as MDF, laminated, hardboard and multi-layer panels.

The finest steel blade body provide tighter tolerances, thus ensuring more accurate cuts as well as longer life. The teeth are made from micrograin carbide, guaranteeing an incredibly efficient, smooth and straight cut. Laser-cut expansion slots allow blade expansion when heat build-up occurs, preventing blade warping. The coat on our adjustable scoring saw blade prevents resin from building up and offers maximum cut quality and vibration-free precision cuts.

The adjustable scoring saw blades are mounted on horizontal and vertical panel sizing machines as well as sliding table machines equipped with scoring device, including Casadei, Schelling, Martin, Panhans, Frama, Giben, Gabbiani, SCM, Holzma, Homag, Selco.

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