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Brad-Point Dowel Drill Bits for Woodworking


Brad-Point Dowel Drill Bits for Woodworking


A brad-point dowel drill is mainly used for drilling the blind hole, and a blind hole is a hole that has no way through. With a balanced cutting force factor, the brad-point drill is tougher than the v-point drill. In addition to the main cutting edge, there’s a sharp counter cutting edge on the outer edge to cut off the wood fiber and make the side of the hole smoother.

brad-point drill bits


Size: 57mm-Length, 10mm x 27mm Shank.

Item No. Diameter (mm) Blade L (mm) Shank Size (mm)
KTB-3571027 3 23 10X27
KTB-4571027 4 23 10X27
KTB-5571027 5 23 10X27
KTB-6571027 6 23 10X27
KTB-7571027 7 23 10X27
KTB-8571027 8 23 10X27
KTB-9571027 9 23 10X27
KTB-10571027 10 23 10X27
KTB-11571027 11 23 10X27
KTB-12571027 12 23 10X27
KTB-13571027 13 23 10X27
KTB-14571027 14 23 10X27
KTB-15571027 15 23 10X27
KTB-16571027 16 23 10X27

Why choose tungsten carbide drill bits?

Because of the high hardness, tungsten carbide dowel drills have a tougher cutter body. And with a high wear resistance and heat resistance, it can run a longer time at a high speed and has a longer service-life than drills made by other materials. It may be a little expensive, but because of its long service-life, it actually cuts the cost.

Why choose Konetool?

1. Our drills can be used in many machines like portable boring machines, automatic boring machines, CNC machining centers.

2. The quick delivery makes you never have the chance to ask “where is my goods”

3. Our professional team will answer your question at once, so if you have any problems or need any help, just come for us.

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