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Carbide Burr Customization

Carbide burr customization is one of Konetool’s specialties. Konetool has successfully helped clients in automotive, aerospace, foundry, railway, mold, and marine industries in past years. With years of experience manufacturing carbide burrs with unique cut geometry, extra long shank, coating for special material process, and our laboratory testing process, we succeeded case by case.

Shank size:

1.6mm or 1/16"

2.35mm or 3/32"

3mm or 1/8"

6mm or 1/4"

12mm or 1/2"

16mm or 5/8"


Case display:

Special cut geometry:

Extra-long shank

Spring shank



Minimum 50 pcs or equivalent cost


Please specify your requirement Include but not limited:



Working material

Other special requirements



  • Laboratory test report (view our laboratory)

  • Made of 100% virgin tungsten carbide powder

  • Use only premium quality raw material (both Tungsten carbide powder&stainless steel shank)

  • CNC welding technology results in burr bit never detached from shank in history

  • Full CNC production line from welding, grinding, polishing, and cleaning ensures consistent quality and product efficiency

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