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Carbide Circular Ripping Saw Blade


Carbide Circular Ripping Saw Blade

Product Description:

Carbide tipped ripping saw blades can be used for ripping almost all kinds of wood. No matter it is soft wood, hard wood, wet wood or dry wood, especially for round and square wood, the TCT ripping saw blade can cut them smoothly and quickly. For cutting boards, this kind of circular saw blades with carbide tips can deal with hard jobs and thick boards. With anti-rusted surface, its teeth and body refuses any glue or saw dust and chips. This type of circular ripping saw blades can be mounted on multi-chip saw, splitter and other machines. Flat teeth, cross helical teeth, anti-kickback teeth are all available to welded on the saw blade.

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Product Specification:

D d B Z KW*2
150 45 2.2/1.7 24+3 4*8
160 50 2.5/2.0 24+3 5*10
180 50 2.5/2.0 24+3 5*10
205 50 2.5/2.0 30+3 5*10
230 40 2.2/1.7 30+3 6*12
230 40 2.5/2.0 30+3 5*10
230 45 2.2/1.7 30+3 4*8
230 50 2.5/2.0 30+3 5*10
255 50 2.5/2.0 30+4 5*10
305 50 3.0/2.4 36+4 5*10
305 70 3.0/2.4 36+4 7*21
355 60 3.2/2.5 36+4 7*14
405 60 3.4/2.7 36+6 6*12

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