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Carbide Lithium Battery Blades


Carbide Lithium Battery Blades


In response to slitting needs of lithium battery industry, konetool produces carbide slitting blades for lithium batteries. Blade is made of super-hard material and is used for slitting lithium batteries. It has high hardness and good wear resistance. It is suitable for high-speed cutting requirements of slitting cutters and has a long service life. Not easy, it is damaged and does not stick to the knife. After peeling, positive and negative materials of lithium battery are neatly separated, which overcomes problem of uneven quality of lithium battery caused by striping.

lithium blade

Company also produces various specifications of high-precision tungsten steel slitting circular knives, which are widely used for high-precision slitting of other non-ferrous metal materials such as copper, aluminum and silicon steel sheets in electronics, ordinary steel plates and packaging materials.

Item Notes OD(mm) ID(mm) T(mm)
1 Top Knife 100 65 0.7
2 Bottom Knife(Anvil) 100 65 2.0
3 Top Knife 100 65 1.0
4 Bottom Knife(Anvil) 100 65 3.0

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