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Carbide Pen Blade


Carbide Pen Blade

KONETOOL pen blades are suitable for tungsten carbide vinyl cutters, plotter blades, vinyl and paper plotter blades, general-purpose blades that can cut various materials, such as cardboard, gasket materials, foam rubber, cork, posters and packaging products and many more.

carbide pen blade


The sharp edge of the blade is one of the important conditions to ensure the cutting effect. Our edge sharpness tolerance can reach +/-0.01 mm. Generally used in CNC machining centers, CNC machining machines, and can also be installed on ordinary machine tools for processing. Uncomplicated heat treatment material. Used for processing planes on horizontal machine tools. The sharp edges are distributed on the circumference of the pen knife. The blade has high strength and large chip holding space. It is suitable for fine processing. When the pen knife has end teeth passing through the center, Can feed axially.

carbide pen blade







Customized by drawings or samples










carbide pen blade


Compared with the steel penknife, the cemented carbide penknife has weak adhesion and fusion, and the chips are not easy to adhere to the blade. It can provide excellent cutting conditions, and the blade is not easy to chip and wear.

The blade is made of ultra-fine cemented carbide, the blade is sharp and wear-resistant, the cutting edge is enlarged without clearance, has the highest sharpness and precision, and the blade has a long service life.

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