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Carbide Ripping Saw Blade


Carbide Ripping Saw blade

Product Description:

Ripping saw blades with carbide tips can be used for processing solid wood, softwood, hardwood, freshly cut wood and wet wood, etc. It can be used for longitudinal cutting. Rakers on the circular saw blade can avoid the contact of workpice and saw blades body. Otherwise, there will be much friction during cutting. Due to the positive cutting angle, this carbide ripping saw blade with flat teeth makes process of cutting smooth and quick. Welded carbide teeth means there’s no need to change the whole blade body if teeth get blunt. These sawblades are usually loaded on table sawing machines and automatic machines. Flat tooth, cross helical tooth and antikickback tooth are available on the blades.

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Product Specification:

D d B Z
150 45 2.2/1.7 24+3
160 50 2.5/2.0 24+3
180 50 2.5/2.0 24+3
205 50 2.5/2.0 30+3
230 40 2.2/1.7 30+3
230 40 2.5/2.0 30+3
230 45 2.2/1.7 30+3
230 50 2.5/2.0 30+3
255 50 2.5/2.0 30+4
305 50 3.0/2.4 36+4
305 70 3.0/2.4 36+4
355 60 3.2/2.5 36+4
405 60 3.4/2.7 36+6

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