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Carbide Rotary Burr SM Shape


Carbide Rotary Burr SM Shape


Cemented Carbide rotary burrs are specially designed for very hard processing materials, which can be used for deburring, chamfering, trimming, sharpening and cutting holes. Divided into single cutting and double cutting, we provide a variety of models to deal with various applications. SM shape is pointed cone, it can be used to process hard-to-reach places. Because it is clamped on a high-speed rotating tool for manual control, the pressure and feed rate of  cemented carbide are determined by the service life and cutting effect of tool.

SM carbide burr

Sizes and Specifications


Type/size cutting dia cutting L shank dia OAL
M0311M03 3 11 3 38
M0613M03 6 13 3 50
M0618M06 6 18 6 50
M0820M06 8 20 6 58
M1020M06 10 20 6 65
M1225M06 12 25 6 70
M1625M06 16 25 6 73
M1925M06 19 25 6 73


Type/size cutting dia cutting L shank dia OAL
SM-42 1/8 7/16 1/8 1-1/2
SM-53 3/16 1/2 1/8 1-1/2
SM-1 1/4 1/2 1/4 2
SM-2 1/4 3/4 1/4 2-5/16
SM-4 3/8 5/8 1/4 2-1/2
SM-5 1/2 7/8 1/4 2-3/4
SM-6 5/8 1 1/4 2-7/8

Suggestions and Instructions

Operate and use rotary files within the recommended RPM settings
Choose the most suitable size, diameter and cutting method
Cut smoothly when moving in both directions
Do not apply too much pressure when cutting with a rotary burr
High temperature and abrasion resistance, fast chip removal of high-quality materials, sharp blades, tough and firm cutting tools.
Suitable for all kinds of metal, wood and other materials.

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