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Carbide Rotary Burr for Special Purpose


Carbide Rotary Burr for Special Purpose


This solid carbide rotary burris a special tool for machining special workpieces, anditshead can be made into a special shape according to peculiarity of workpiece, which reduces tool wear and saves time and costcan be saved.can replace the small whetstone with a handle so that process of machining does not contaminate dust. The production efficiency is several times that of normal manual file processing and five times that of the small grinding process. The durability of this tool is 10 times that of high-speed steel tools and 50 times that of small grindstones.Diameter, shank diameter and length of the cutting part can be customized as your requirements and drawings.

customized carbide burr

Sizeand Specifications

Cutter Diameter: 1/2”
Shank Diameter: 1/4”
Overall Length: 2-3/4”

Cut Type: Double cut
Material: 100% new tungsten carbide
Coating: uncoated
Origin: China
Application: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals


ParticularCurves and Designs-Combined with a variety of processing methods to save costs and time.
SpecialGuide System-Easy Control of Shape Edges
Special cutting-Smooth cutting edge enables quick material processing
Made of high-quality cementedtungsten carbide with high performance and durability
Strict quality control, 100% inspectionfor product quality and size

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