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Carbide Rotary Nail Drill 07


Carbide Rotary Nail Drill 07


Tungsten carbide nail burr manufactured in Konetool with high performance and competitive price,it has excellent surface finish and longer service life. Golden coating can help the rotary file to increase the service life, but also more beautiful. Tungsten carbide rotary burrs have a wide range of uses, and are used in machinery, automobiles, ships, chemicals, craftsmanship and other industrial sectors with significant effects.

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Gold coating can improve performance and extend service life
Sharp double cutting edges enable fast machining, saving half of the time
High wear resistance and high hardness
Fast processing and polishing of nails

Our Service

1. 24-hour online contact, whether you need products or just want to understand related knowledge, please feel free to consult.
2. Provide common specifications and produce according to drawings.
3. Product can be marked with a laser logo as required.
4. Provide packaging suitable for safe transportation.
5. Delivery time:
A) Common sizes are generally available in stock.
B) Quantity is large, or lead time for mold production is generally 25 days.
6. Payment method: If you have signed a purchase and sale contract with us, please make payment in accordance with the contract requirements within the predetermined period.
According to requirements of the company's financial system, the first payment will be made.
7. Check quality of product before delivery, and strictly control it. If there is any quality problem, ensure that qualified product is returned in the first time.

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