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Carbide TCT Compression Router Bits for Wood


Carbide TCT Compression Router Bits for Wood


Before carbide compression router bits appearing, woodworkers may always complain about the slow cutting speed. But now we have TCT compression router bits. With nice heat resistance, wonderful wear resistance, and ideal impact resistance, this kind of carbide router bit release people from slow cutting speed. It suits for Amber, Aluminium, Wood, Carbon Steel Milling, and also can be used on other materials like AF, SANDVIK, KENNA, CB, etc. Every compression router bit is designed for specific cutting condition, so there’s no standard size. Customization is usually people’s choose.

carbide compression router bit

D d (mm) Cutting Length (mm)
1/2” 6 20
6 22
6 25
6 28
6 30
8 25
8 28
8 30
8 32
8 35
10 25
10 28
10 30
10 33

Why choose us?

1.Strict quality control. We have our own laboratory, which makes us do the quality test any time. And also, this is one of our biggest priorities among so many carbide blades manufacturers.
2.Quick delievery. Except for those customized one, most products we have stocks. Once you ordered, we can immediately do the reaction.
3.Professional sales team. Our members of sales team have worked in many years in this fields, so if you have any questions, just send us your email or ask us online. It’s our glad to solve your problems.

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