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Carbide Tipped Universal Saw Blade

  • 150x2.2x25.4/30x40T

Carbide Tipped Universal Saw Blade


This universal saw blade can be mounted on machines like cut-to-size saw, sliding table saw, etc. Its steel matrix gives the blade a high hardness and good wear resistance. Welded with sharp carbide-tipped teeth, this circular saw blade can tear the work piece easily. Its mirror polished matrix and smooth surface make no dirty things like glue or chips can adhere to its surface. The carbide teeth profile are alternative teeth and have positive cutting angle, which have excellent performance in cutting different kinds of boards. Fast and quick, long service life, this blade with a trapezoidal tooth suits for some dry woods and tear long fibers in the wood.

carbide universal saw blade


1.Can I ask for welding flat tooth on this saw blade?
A: Yes. Except for the flat tooth, this saw blade can also be loaded with conical teeth, left and right profile. If you don’t know exactly which tooth you should choose for the saw blade, contact us by e-mail or online chatting.
2.Do you sell teeth individually?
A: Yes, we do. But Our websites are still in upgrading. There are only some sizes of saw blades and teeth. If you need more information, please contact us for more details.

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