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Cemented Carbide Circuit Board Foot Blade


Cemented carbide circuit board foot blade

KoneTool Circuit board cemented carbide blades, electronic circuit board component foot cutting blades, made of solid cemented carbide materials, the edges of which are carefully ground by high-precision processing equipment. Mainly used to cut burrs on PCB component feet, electronic feet and plug-in feet.

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The circuit board is the main carrier of all electronic products. PCB processing is also a basic process in the manufacture of electronic products. Cemented carbide blades for circuit boards are ideal cutting tools in the electronics industry and are commonly used in electronic product manufacturing. Circuit board carbide blades are used together with PCB foot cutters.

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Circuit Board Foot





Circuit Board Foot

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As electronic products have become necessities in people's daily lives, their manufacturing has also flourished. Therefore, the market demand for circuit boards is also increasing. The production of cemented carbide blades for circuit boards also marks the development of cutting tools.


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There are two main forms of circuit board production: one is solder feet with plug-ins, and the other is directly formed patches. Because patch production requires high-end production equipment and a lot of investment, most manufacturers still choose PCB cemented carbide foot cutting blades.


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The development of the LED industry also affects the use of PCB blades. Carbide V-CUT inserts used for V-slot V-CUT operation of LED circuit boards have also become the main cutting tools. It is mainly used for V-CUT operation of fiberglass boards, PCB boards, circuit boards, aluminum boards and other circuit boards on V-CUT machines.

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