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Cemented Carbide Razor Pointed Blade


Cemented Carbide Razor Pointed Blade


Cemented carbide razor blade is made of ultra-fine particle materials with good elasticity, and cutting edges are polished, with high temperature resistance and good toughness, and service life is more than a hundred times that of steel blades. Used for slitting and slitting of various materials, such as slitting pearlescent thin paper and special materials, plastic biaxially stretched film, special film containing additives (such as pearlescent film, etc.), and also used for man-made fibers , Non-woven fabrics, cotton textiles and leather slitting. Mainly used for cutting food packaging.

razor blade


1 43x22x0.3mm
2 43x22x0.2mm
3 60x22x0.2mm
4 60x22x0.4mm
5 80x22x0.2mm
6 80x22x0.4mm
7 100x22x0.2mm
8 100x22x0.4mm

KONE Carbide Tools Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of precision cutting tools. KONETOOL tungsten steel razor, using super-hard and super-fine alloy, is sharp and does not chip. Various non-standard carbide razors can be processed according to customer drawings, and reasonable tungsten steel materials and processing techniques can be selected according to customer needs to ensure the performance and service life of tungsten steel blades!

HIP process

We use the most advanced HIP technology for production, so that product can reach 100% densification and improve overall mechanical properties of casting. Not only that, hot isostatic pressure densification treatment can also eliminate internal porosity and shrinkage, and improve product performance, reliability and service life.

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