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Circular Saw Blade for Cutting


Circular Saw Blade for Cutting


Main material of cemented carbide saw blade is composed of wolfram steel, so it is also called tungsten steel saw blade, which includes various parameters such as type of alloy blade, material of substrate, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, tooth profile, angle, and aperture. These parameters determine processing capacity and cutting performance of saw blade. Correct selection of carbide saw blades is of great significance for improving product quality, shortening processing cycle, and reducing processing costs. Because of reasonable selection and matching, its advantages can be better utilized.


If you have any questions in selection or use, please feel free to consult us.
Production specifications(Unit: MM):
Saw blade diameter: 8-350MM
Saw blade thickness: 0.10-10MM
Saw blade inner hole: more than 2MM

How to choose the number of teeth

1.For processing steel parts, try to choose the number of teeth densely, so that wear resistance is stronger.
2.For processing of copper and aluminum parts, try to choose number of teeth sparse, so that saw blade does not stick to knife and removes chips.
3.When the thickness of milling cutter is thin, try to choose the one with more teeth to ensure service life.

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