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The circular saw blades we provide are made of cemented carbide. They are used with power tools such as electric saws and profile cutting machines to cut and slot metal materials. They are the most commonly used cutting tools for metal processing. Compared with other ordinary circular saw blades, carbide circular saw blades are of great significance for improving product quality, shortening the processing cycle, and reducing processing costs. Cemented carbide saw blades include various parameters such as the type of alloy blade, the material of the substrate, the diameter, the number of teeth, the thickness, the tooth profile, the angle, and the aperture. These parameters determine the processing capacity and cutting performance of the saw blade. When choosing a saw blade, the saw blade should be selected correctly according to the type of sawing material, thickness, sawing speed, sawing direction, feeding speed, and saw road width. Choose us to give yourself the most suitable circular saw blades.




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