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Circular Slitter Blades

  • 2020-08-05

    Q & A helps you finding the best circular rolling knife Partner

    Q & A helps you finding the best circular rolling knife Partner Which areas are circular rolling knife used in?Papermaking, finished paper processing, adhesive tape products, films, wires and cables, rubber, aluminum foil, chemical fiber, non-fabricated fabrics, packaging materials, telecommunicatio

  • 2020-08-04

    How to select the suitable bottom knife

    The slitting knife in China uses high-quality tungsten carbide as the raw material, and independently develops an integrated quenching technology and fine grinding processing. The slitting knife produced in this way has a sharp blade, a rounded slope, and a high surface finish. It greatly reduces friction during slitting. Make it easier to match the cutting of the knife principle.

  • 2020-08-03

    Carbide paper cutter blade VS HSS paper cutter blade

    Carbide paper cutter blade VS HSS paper cutter blade Not only for paper cuttingPaper cutter blade is also called paper cutting blade, paper slitting-cut blade, paper cutting circular blade, and full-sheet paper cutting blades. Which is widely used in papermaking, printing, packaging and many other i

  • 2020-07-01

    The difference between square knives and circular knives in slitting

    Square knife slitting is to fix the blade on the knife holder of the slitting machine. During the operation of the material, the knife is dropped, so that the knife cuts the material longitudinally to achieve the purpose of slitting.

  • 2020-06-30

    General knowledge you have to know about circular slitting knife

    General knowledge you have to know about circular slitting knife Keywords:circular slitting knifeThe slitting knife is a very precise tool, which can reduce the downtime of machine operation. The slitting knife is divided into an upper knife and a lower knife, which is installed on

  • 2020-06-28

    What price you should choose for carbide slitter blades

    Nowadays, there are many types of carbide slitter blades on the market. Because carbide slitting blades are widely used in various industries, such as papermaking, printing, cigarettes, electrical appliances, prevention, carton, food, rubber, leather, plastic, etc.

  • 2020-06-22

    3 tips you must know about Carbide razor blade

    The emergence of the carbide razor blade has greatly improved the deficiencies of modern cutting technology, and its performance is very stable.

  • 2020-06-18

    Bottom slitter knives and carbide scrapers for mask machine

    Under the epidemic, masks have become so necessary for protection. Carbide blades are widely used in various mask machines, including cup mask machines, non-woven flat mask machines, N95 mask machines, 3M9001 / 9002 folding mask machines, duck mouth mask machines, and three-dimensional dust mask machines, etc. Wait.

  • 2020-06-03

    Carbide slitter knives witness the development of human civilization

    The original knife was in stoneOnce we mentioned the knife, what would you think about it? Cutting food, killing the enemy to protect yourself, or other things else. The knife is related to human beings in close, which has also witnessed the continuous development of human civilization. Then the m




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