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Conical Scoring Saw Blade


Conical Scoring Saw Blade

Product Application:

Saw blades with tungsten carbide tips can be used for prescribing grooves of various double-veneered boards. This kind of carbide saw blades can be loaded on horizontal panel saw and sliding table saw, you can adjusted the height of the saw shaft. which can be adjusted the height of the saw shaft. The carbide conical scoring saw blade can load different kinds of teeth, such as flat teeth, tapered teeth, cross helical teeth, etc. Conical scoring saw blades can be used for processing materials like double-faced particle board, medium density board.

TCT conical scoring saw blade

Product Specification:

TCT Conical Scoring Saw blade:

D d B Z TF
120 20/22 3.0-4.0 24 W
125 22 3.4-4.4 24 W
150 30 3.1-4.1 36 W
160 25.4 3.1-4.1 36 W
160 25.4/30 3.4-4.4 36 W
160 30 3.4-4.4 40 W
160 45 4.3-5.3 40 W
160 55 3.4-4.4 40 W
180 25.4 3.4-4.4 36 W
180 30 4.4-5.4 40 W
180 30 3.9-4.9 36 W
180 30 3.4-4.4 40 W
180 45 4.3-5.3 40 W
180 45 4.7-5.7 40 W
200 45/75 4.3-5.3 40 W


1.Q: Can you do customization?
A: Yes, customized demands are accepted, we can satisfy most of our customers’demands.
2.Q: How you guarantee the quality of products?
A: As a manufacturer and foreign trade in this field, we have our own inspecting room. Before sending into the warehouse, our products will be tested strictly.

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