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Customized Carbide Blades for Shear Machine


Customized Carbide blades for shear machine

Carbide blades for cutting uses raw and auxiliary materials such as primarily saturated tungsten carbide, very pure very fine cobalt powder, and precise carbon ingredients. Advanced powder metallurgy processes such as inclined ball grinding, vacuum mixing and drying, precision pressing, digital degreasing, and pressure sintering, personal finishing It has good hardness, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high modulus of elasticity, high compressive strength and good chemical stability, oxygen stability, oxygen low impact resistance, low coefficient of expansion, etc. Carbide shear blades are largely used in various processes of aluminum piston machining, especially piston rough machining and semi-finish machining.

Four hole carbide shear blade

Feature of production

1. Product performance is stable. Carbide blades for shear machine adopts modern German equipment and uses an overpressure sintering furnace for secondary agglomeration after conventional agglomeration, with small pores, high-temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance.

2. With reasonable experience, the products are sold all over the world. We will provide complete product inspection reports, product quality certificates, and unconditional return and exchange of defective standard products.

3. Both blanks and finished blanks with full models and sizes can be made. At the same time, we offer customized drawings of various cemented carbide bladeswhich are non-standard, and online consultation is welcome.

Three hole carbide shear balde


Models and specifications are different, weight varies, and markets vary frequently. Actual weight and price depend on telephone communications. Atypical customizations are accepted and production and processing are arranged as needed.

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