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Customized Carbide Rotary Burrs

Material:Tungsten Carbide
Application:Chamfering and Deburring

Customized Carbide Rotary Burrs 




The existing hardmetal rotary deburring file generally includes a rotating shaft and a file wheel arranged on the head of the rotating shaft, and a blade is arranged on the surface of the file wheel. The file wheel has various shapes such as cylindrical, round ball, arc round, elliptical ball head, tapered ball head, tapered round head, etc., but in order to expand the cutting area of the top of the file wheel, the main shape is spherical.

carbide burr


Cutting diameter: 1/2”

Length of cut: 1-1/4”

Overall length: 3-1/4”

Double cutting

28000 RPM

Shank material: Steel

Head Material: Solid Carbide


Notes on the use of rotary hard metal carbide burrs

carbide burr cusomized

1. Replace and sharpen the dull file head in time to prevent it from being completely destroyed

A higher operating speed is very important for the effective and economical use of rotary file heads and is also helpful to reduce the cutting accumulation of the filing groove. At the same time, it is more helpful for cutting the corners of the workpiece and reduces the possibility of cutting interference or wedge deviation, but this also increases the possibility of file fracture.

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