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Customized Tungsten Carbide Roller

Material:100% tungsten carbide Cobalt and nickel, absolutely no scrap materials
Size: Customized
MOQ: 10pcs
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Customized Tungsten Carbide Roller

Tungsten carbide roller is widely used for mechanical descaling machine and steel wire rolling mills. The surface has smooth and notched grooves two types.

Carbide roller1Tungsten carbide roller has characteristics of good wear resistance, high temperature red hardness, thermal fatigue resistance and thermal conductivity and high strength , have been widely used in high-speed wire rod, bar, rebar, seamless steel tubes, etc.

Domestic production of tungsten carbide roller materials mostly WC- Co, WC- Co- Ni- Cr two series, and the content of Co, Co- Ni - Cr is in the range of 6wt% ~ 30wt%.

From the use of perspective, tungsten carbide rollers has good mechanical properties, its flexural strength up to 2200 MPa or more, shock toughness up (4 ~ 6) × 10^6 J/ m^2, Rockwell hardness (HRA) is up to 78 to 90, widely in the high-speed wire rod rolling process, which is much higher than single-slot chilled cast steel or high speed steel rolls.

Tungsten carbide is made of tungsten carbide powder and binder phase (such as drilling, nickel, etc.), and then pressing and sintering, regardless of the conditions under cold rolled or hot rolled has excellent wear resistance, tungsten carbide rollers has been widely used in pre-finishing mill and finishing of high-speed wire rod currently. On the performance of tungsten carbide roller in hot-rolling wire rod , the material must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Sufficient anti-fracture strength; 

  2. Good abrasion resistance; 

  3. The smooth surface finish; 

  4. Excellent corrosion resistance, thermal fatigue, thermal cracking performance.

Tungsten carbide roller rings can working in bad conditions , small profile rolling (especially rebar rolling) process conditions is harsher than the high-speed wire rod, and therefore corresponds to the profile rolling ,tungsten carbide rollers recommend using high binder phase carbide.

guide wheel

Tungsten carbide roller material design 

Pre-finishing all vehicles roller should ensure its high toughness, strength, rigidity and thermal conductivity, followed before considering its wear resistance. When designing each vehicles roller, pre-finishing materials should choose carbide grades of Co, Co- Ni- Cr binder content is high (greater than or equal to 25wt%) , requiring an average WC grain size of coarse (5μm ~ 6μm), to obtain a higher shock toughness, proper strength and hardness. 

For the finishing of the roller movements, particularly the last two rollers of the finish rolling, which suffered load is small, and high relative velocity of the material to be pressed (80 m / min ~ 120 m / min). 

In this case, the wear resistance of the roller to be the most important requirements, and must ensure the strength , timpact toughness and hardness of a reasonable match, so the binder of Co / Ni content ratio and the average grain WC control of particle size and other factors must have greater control in front of different pre-finishing rolling roll.

Carbide roller

Q1. How do you control the quality ?

First control is 100% raw material from WC supplier, 100% inspecting throughout each process.
Importing state-of-the-art CNC machines and inspecting equipments from Germany and Japan.
Continuous training for experienced engineers and workers.
Q2. How can I choose the right TC Grade for the carbide products ?
If you can not confirm which TC grade is right for your products, please kindly provide us with your purpose of usage, we would suggest the most suitalbe grade for you.
Q3. How do I customize my product?
Please send us the drawings and purchase quantity.
If necessary, please send us the new sample.

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