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Cylindrical Carbide Burr

Cutting L: 13 mm
Cutting Dia: 3 mm
Shank Dia: 3 mm
OAL: 38 mm
  • J0B03K13K03A01

Cylindrical Carbide Burr


Cylindrical shaped carbide burr suits for different kinds of materials. It can be used for processing materials like metals whose HRC below 70 like cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, etc. or non-metallic materials such as marble, jade and bone. Its machining hardness can reach 85 HRC. Without dust pollution, the carbide rotary burr can almost take place of small grinding wheel with handle. Thanks to the cemented carbide, our burrs have high hardness and excellent wear resistance, which make the carbide burr can run in a high RPM.


About the shape of the cutting edges:

One type of carbide burr does not suit for all conditions. There are different shapes of carbide burr for different surfaces, it is the same to the cutting edges. Two flutes carbide burrs are mainly used for finishing while the single edge cutting are used for roughing. For example, crossed insection carbide burr suits for metallic materials, which is easy to control and less vibration. As for insection with diamond shape, this type of carbide burr suits for processing materials made up of high alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron processing, in the operation of effectively avoid the adverse phenomenon caused by cutting grinding.

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