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Fiberglass Cemented Carbide File without End Cut


Fiberglass Cemented Carbide File without End Cut


Glass fiber rotary file is mainly process circuit board, rubber board, epoxy board, aluminum board, metal board and board. double-edged positive and negative spiral anti-chip structure, long service life, sharp edge, high wear resistance, is dedicated to wood milling.


Product Advantage

Special cutting edges: Special cutting edges increase cutting power and extend service life of tools and machines.
Smooth wide groove: Smooth wide groove for easier chip removal.
High quality raw materials: tungsten carbide with high toughness and particle size is used as raw materials.
Polishing surface treatment: high polishing surface treatment, reduce friction coefficient, improve lathe efficiency, save more production time.
Heat resistant coating: High heat resistant HELICA coating for high speed machining.

Application field

Aerospace: Cutting of medium-carbon composite products in wing outer wing resistance plates and other parts.
Automobile industry: cutting of fiber products such as engine compartment and body
New energy: fiber wind power blades.
Shipbuilding: cutting and processing of instrument dials, antennas, rudders, decks and bulkheads of yachts and yachts.
National defense equipment: processing of military supplies such as fiber armor
Medical industry: high-tech fiber products.

Core Advantages

Dust-free cutting, environmental protection and sanitation efficient.
High precision
Does not change material properties
Save labor

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