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Fosber Carbide Corrugated Slitting Blades

Description: Fosber Carbide Corrugated Slitting Blades
Inner Diameter: 110mm
Outer Diameter: 230mm
Thickness: 1.1mm
Fits Model(s): Fosber
Material: Tungsten Carbide Powder + Cobalt Powder

Fosber Carbide Corrugated Slitting Blades

Kone Carbide Tool Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of corrugated slitting knives, round knives, round upper knives and lower knives.


The slitting part of the Fosber machine is composed of a low-vibration steel mandrel. It uses a patent of hydrostatic bearing technology to install our hard alloy corrugated slitting blade on the mandrel. The clamping of the blade can be done by adjusting the screws installed on the blade holder, and the correct clamping of the blade directly affects the service life and cutting effect of the blade.


Common size OD * ID * T(mm)

March Machine













Fosber Carbide Corrugated Slitting Blades

Product Advantage:

1. Super Mirror finish to protect the blades from glue adhesion.

2.The blade not only has high cutting accuracy but also has excellent wear resistance.
3. Good cutting effect, improve paperboard quality, no burr cutting surface, no processing traces.
4.Due to its excellent performance, the frequency of blade replacement is greatly reduced, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Corrugated Slitting Blades

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