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Full bullnose snow plow carbide inserts for hot selling

Specification (L x W x T x)
25.22 x 9.20 x 19.05 mm
Net Weight:58.5 g
Shape: Bullnose
  • KTS- SP25919R
  • KTS- SP25919R

Full bullnose snow plow carbide inserts for hot selling


Snow plow blades are offered during a range of steel options to go with any application. Tungsten Carbide is added during a sort of ways to extend the wear and tear lifetime of many parts by the maximum amount as 20 times over steel alone. Flexible manufacturing also allows KONETOOL to supply customized solutions for any application.

Several carbide insert options are available to suit various applications and requirements.

Our full bullnose shape is one of carbide insert shapes used on JOMA snow plow blade. It has a size of 25.22*9.2*19.05mm(L*W*H). When working, full bullnose part will contact the ground and sweep the snow.

Welding method is brazing, which ends up in higher welding strength than other welding methods like silver welding.

Shape of full bullnose is symmetrical. So when welding, there is no front side or behind side, which means the welding will be faster than other asymmetrical shape snow plow carbide inserts.


Q: Do you only make snow plow carbide inserts for JOMA Blade? 

A: Not really. We have a series of wear parts for JOMA Blade system. But we also can make other carbide inserted snow plow blades.

Q: Can I customize the shapes? 

A: Yes, we accept OEM/ODM orders.

Material for snow plow

application of tungsten carbide snow plow

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