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Grade Of Tungsten Carbide

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1. ISO international standards

     According to the different scope of applications, the Tungsten Carbide is divided into three classes: P,K,M. 

     With the continuous development of the TC industry, the naming conventions vary from country to country, 

     even though the different manufacturers in the same country has different classification of carbide.

     P: P01, P05, P10, P15, P20, P25, P30, P40

     M: M10, M20,M30,M40

     K: K05,K10,K20,K30,K40

(1) P-type carbide:

     The main component of P-type carbide, is WC+ Tic + Co, equivalent to China's YT class. 

     Mainly used for processing long chips of ferrous metals, such as steel and other plastic materials.

(2) M-type carbide:

     The main component of M-type carbide, is WC+ Tic + Tac (NbC) + Co, equivalent to China's YW class. 

     This type of cemented carbide can not only process cast iron, non-ferrous metals, steel, high-temperature alloys,

     but aslo stainless steel and other difficult to process materials. Usually we call it the Universal cemented carbide

(3) K-type  carbide:

     The main component of K-type carbide, is Wc + Co, equivalent to China YG class.

     Mainly used for processing short-cut ferrous metals, such as cast iron, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.

2. Grade in Kone Tool

(1) For woodworking carbide tools:

Grade for woodworking carbide inserts.png

(2)  For packaging industry carbide tools:

grade for packaging industry.png

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