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Grooving Router Bits

Konetool offers a full range of industrial-quality grooving router bits. Including:
V Groove Router Bit,
Core Box Router Bit / Round Nose Router Bit,
Bowl & Tray Router Bit,
Ball End Router Bit,
Plunge Raised Panel Router Bit,
Point Cutting Roundover Router Bit,
Ovolo Router Bit,
and More.
Make an inquiry for detailed information.

Grooving router bits are perfect for plunging directly into a solid wood or MDF panel to create profiles. Konetool offers a full range of industrial-quality grooving router bits, more than just the presented ones. Please make an inquiry for more information (more grooving router bit types, MOQ, price, delivery).

1. V Groove Router Bit

V groove router bits are used for creating V shaped grooves, signmaking and lettering on panels. Konetool supplies V grooves router bits with different angles and sizes, including 45 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree, 120 degree and 150 degree.



2. Core Box Router Bit / Round Nose Router Bit

Core box router bits, also called round nose router bits, are perfect for cutting U shaped or half-round shaped channels on panels, especially ideal for signmaking and juice grooves making.



3. Bowl & Tray Router Bit

Bowl and tray router bits cut pocket shapes on wood panels, such as shallow bowls, coin trays, flat dishes, etc. If the project has a template, add a bearing to the bit. Bowl and tray router bits with and without a bearing are both available at Konetool.

双弧圆底刀 (2)

4. Ball End Router Bit

Ball end router bits cut channels or grooves for hiding cables, wires or pipes. They can plunge directly into the workpiece. Using a straight router bit to cut a groove first, and then create a deeper channel with ball end router bit.


5. Plunge Raised Panel Router Bit

Unlike horizontal raised panel router bits, plunge raised panel router bits do not have bearings, so they can plunge directly into panels to form decorative profiles.





6. Point Cutting Roundover Router Bit

Point cutting roundover router bits cut roundover grooves on wood panels. They are mainly designed for engraving, lettering, decorative trimming, signmaking, and fluting.


7. Ovolo Router Bit / Plunge Roundover Router Bits

Ovolo router bits, or plunge roundover router bits, create two roundover edges with a flat bottom between them on panels. This bit is suitable for a table router or CNC machine.


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