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Hard Alloy Carbide Burr Set

Brand: Konetool
Item:carbide burr set
Material:Tungsten carbide
Application: chamfering and deburring

Hard Alloy Carbide Burr Set



Tungsten has excellent physical and mechanical properties, stable chemical properties and good processability, so it has been widely used in industrial production. Cemented carbide is the largest application field of tungsten, known as the teethof the industry, accounting for more than half of tungsten consumption.As an essential tool for fitters and repairmen, the application range of tungsten carbide burr set is extremely wide.


burr set


A: Cylindrical

B: Cylindrical with end cut

C: Ball Nosed cylinder

D: Ball Shape

E: Oval Shape

F: Ball Nosed Tree Shape

G: Tree Shape

H: Flame Shape

L: Ball Nose Cone Shape

M: Cone Shape

N: Inverted Cone Shape


Scope of application

There are different types of rotary file sets in our company such as five-piece, eight-piece and ten-piece. And there are sizes to choose. The set has different types of rotary files and different shapes have different scope of application.It is roughly as follows:

Cylinder burr with end cut: deburring at the intersection of surface profile and right-angled surface.

Cylinder burr without end cut: machining surface profile.

Cylinder with round head or ball nose: machining surface contour and arc contour surface.

carbide burr set

Carbide ball burr:applicable for machining arc contour, deburring at caliber and port pre-processing before welding.

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