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Hard Alloy Fiber Glass 135° Drill End


Hard Alloy Fiber Glass 135° Drill End


135° hard alloy drill tail fiberglass milling with reciprocating diamond grooves, solid geometry, negative front Angle, wide grooves. Provides the best tools for cutting a variety of braided, resin bonded, fiberglass and composite materials. Combines the best performance of diamond cutting geometry with minimal top edge burr penetration. A 135 drill tip will minimize partial deflection on thin or unsupported pieces.

Product Advantage

1.Goodrigidity and hardness, the increase of glass fiber can increase the strength and rigidity of plastic.
2.Good heat resistance and heat distortion temperature.
3.Clean cutting.
4.High efficiency.
5.High precision.
6.Does not change material properties.
7.Save labor.

Fiberglass Routers 135° Drill End

Application industry of tungsten carbide fiber glass burrs for cutting

1.Aerospace: Cutting of carbon fiber composite products in the nose cover, rudder, vertical tail wall panel, wing outer wing resistance plate, and rectifying wall panel. Cutting of internal insulation layer, composite foam pad and other products.
2.New energy: Fiber wind turbine blades can effectively reduce equipment weight and increase energy output.
3.National defense equipment: fiber bulletproof vests, fiber bulletproof helmets, shields, radars, antennas and other military supplies.
4.Medical industry: carbon fiber bed board, medical board, precision instrument, instrument rack, high-tech and other fiber products.
5.Automobile industry: fiber products such as rearview mirror shell, interior door panel, door handle, gear lever, racing seat, air kit, engine compartment.

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