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Hard Alloy Rotary File for Aluminum

Brand: Kone Carbide
Application:Processing aluminum
Material:Tungsten Carbide

Hard Alloy Rotary File for Aluminum




For some applications, especially where extremely high-speed cutting is important, other tool materials such as sintered carbide products are a more economical alternative to tool steel. During the course of fabrication, tungsten carbide carving burrs have many factors to consider: the property as well as longevity. As a rule, in the production process, coat the surface of the cutting, not only playing the role of removing chips in the small hole-making and machining of deep slots, more extending the life.


carbide burr for aluminum


Cutting diameter: 1/2”

Length of cut: 1-1/4”

Overall length: 3-1/4”

Double cutting

28000 RPM

Shank material: Steel

Head Material: Solid Carbide


carbide burr for aluminum

Regulation of special purpose rotary carbide burrs

Forbid use tungsten steel grinding file rasp off the quenching material.

The new rasper should be used one side until it is blunt, than make use of the other side.

Use wire brush clear away the crumbs frequently.

Keep away from the water, oil and other dirty things.


carbide burr for aluminum



Q: Can you privide sample?

A: Yes, please feel free to tell us the item NO, You prefer, also your own design is welcome to make sample for you.

Q: When can you send me the carbide products after payment?

A: If we keep the stock , within three days. Standard product maybe need 7-15 days. Off-standard product needs about 30 days.

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