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Hard Metal Carbide Burr Cone Shape SM


Hard Metal Carbide Burr Cone Shape SM


Tungsten rotary file standard cone shapeis also called rotary file with taper and sharp corner, which would be appropriate for narrow contour and surface profile to machine, such as impeller blade deburring process.

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No. Type/size cutting dia cutting L shank dia OAL
J0B03K11K03M01 M0311M03 3 11 3 38
J0B06K13K03M01 M0613M03 6 13 3 50
J0B06K18K06M01 M0618M06 6 18 6 50
J0B08K20K06M01 M0820M06 8 20 6 58
J0B10K20K06M01 M1020M06 10 20 6 65
J0B12K25K06M01 M1225M06 12 25 6 70
J0B16K25K06M01 M1625M06 16 25 6 73
J0B19K25K06M01 M1925M06 19 25 6 73


No. Type/size cutting dia cutting L shank dia OAL
J0B18K71618M01 SM-42 1/8 7/16 1/8 1-1/2
J0B316K1218M01 SM-53 3/16 1/2 1/8 1-1/2
J0B14K12K14M01 SM-1 1/4 1/2 1/4 2
J0B14K34K14M01 SM-2 1/4 3/4 1/4 2-5/16
J0B38K58K14M01 SM-4 3/8 5/8 1/4 2-1/2
J0B12K78K14M01 SM-5 1/2 7/8 1/4 2-3/4
J0B58K1KK14M01 SM-6 5/8 1 1/4 2-7/8


Hard alloy carbide cone shape fileis mainly used in chip removing of impeller blade and so on. The impeller refers to the wheel disc equipped with moving blades and is a component of the impulse steam turbine rotor. Also refers to the general name of the wheel and the rotating blades installed on it.The impeller needs to be deburred on the edge during processing. Cemented carbide has a very comprehensive feature of high hardness, good strength and toughness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance.

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